Arms Race

After all the hustling we did for PAX East, I had to catch up on some other life responsibilities, but I’ve been working on more tools to flesh out our Factory levels.

Conveyor belts are a fun component of that world, and I’ve been looking for a way to chain them together into a full assembly-line like experience. One way that seems promising is to turn the robot arm prototype into a tool to move objects from one conveyor belt to another. Here’s the current prototype, in progress.

What’s interesting about the Factory level is that it’s the first place where I’ve built objects that react to something other than the player. It helps create the sense of a living world, but it creates new challenges. (The arms started dropping packages just after I cut the video.) It’ll be fun to see where it leads.

UPDATE: Fixed some bugs, and smoothed some animations. To be honest, I’ll miss the spinning wrists…

Thanks for checking out the progress video!

– Chris

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