This has been a looooong time coming. Ian and I have been working on Loose Nozzles since 2014, and we are thrilled (and a little relieved) to finally be launching for tablet and phones on the iOS and Google Play App Stores! Please, please check it out – it’s free to play to completion and has a single, one-time $1.99 purchase to unlock the rest of its features and content.

It’s… it’s pretty wild to be able to write this. Developing this game has been a lengthy, uneven process – mainly as I (Chris) learned to face my fears about building a game alone, and balancing the work against many other responsibilities. I’d like to pause at this moment to express gratitude to the many people that deserve it…

If you’re someone who’s ever played the game and offered feedback or encouragement; if you’ve liked a post, or subscribed to a mailing list, or chuckled when I described this game and our quest to build it… thank you.

To people who have contributed to the game directly – be it with actual code and audio, or insights and advice, and particularly Adam and Brian… thank you.

To Kim and Alyssa Foster, and everyone in the extended Bateman, Foster, Luiz, and Verner families… thanks for supporting us and supporting this game.

To Ian… thanks for your original ideas, your adorable art and sounds, and your patience far beyond any reasonable expectations for a child, tween or teen. I love you.

Sincerely, Chris Foster

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