Press Outreach

Hi –

My name is Chris Foster; my son and I have launched our game Loose Nozzles, today on the iOS and Google Play app stores. (Press Release HERE.)

I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, in roles like Lead Designer on The Beatles: Rock Band, and Content Design Lead on The Lord of the Rings Online. (I’m currently Game Director at a machine learning startup called Hidden Door.) I’d intended to try making a solo game to expand my skillset, when my then five-year-old son approached with an idea he thought could be part of my Unity experiments. This drawing (and his surprisingly detailed explanation of rocket-falling-apart game mechanics) became the heart of our game, and I quickly hired a new (unpaid) artist and audio performer.

Ian inspired me to stick with the project over many years of nights-and-weekends work, while shipping professional games, teaching game design, and being a dad. The game is finally out and free to play (iOS, Google Play, and launch trailer). I hope you’ll take a look and consider covering it on your site. Ian and I are available to discuss the game’s inception and long road to release.

I’m also more than happy to send a free promo code for the game’s one-time unlock; the game is free to play to completion but the unlock gives access to a bunch of supporting systems and content. Please reach out via the contact form, or e-mail, and say if you prefer a iOS or Google Play code.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Chris (and Ian) Foster

Foster and Family Games